Hurricane Relief

Oak Grove is collecting donations for Hurricane Relief. Bring items on Sunday, or if you do not attend Oak Grove, but would like to donate please contact us and we will arrange a time for you to do so. We took our first car load down on 9/29, but this will be an ongoing effort. See list below for items needed.

Items Needed

Canned food / Non-Perishable food

Water and Gatorade

Juice Boxes and Capri Suns

Pop Tarts

Individually Packaged crackers (Nabs)

Fruit Snakcs

Peanut Butter

White Vinegar


Cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, buckets, etc

Heavy duty trash bags

Masks (Dust/Construction)

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper


Liquid Dish Soap


Empty Spray Bottles

Ant Killer

Toiletries (Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes)

Baby Wipes

Baby Food and Formula

Diapers (All Sizes)

Adult Diapers

Hand Sanitizer

Feminine Products

Clean Towels and Washcloths

New Socks and Underwear

Clothes and Shoes (men, women, and children’s)

*clothes and shoes do not have to be new, but they MUST be clean and free from pet hair and smoke.  These clothes need to be ready to wear, as the people needing them do not have a way to wash them. Please fold clothes, separate, and label according to size and gender.